the sharing couple

we are a couple who loves to be open sexually and try new things. He is G and she is J.

from: Jessica Chandler

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Jessica Chandler

getting ready for g.. i mean bed! ;)

getting ready for g.. i mean bed! ;)

a story from j :)

yesterday, g and i were talking about starting our blog in bed. he suggested taking some xxx photos to post online(we still haven’t fully commited to the idea)

so i took off all my clothes and laid exposed on the bed. seeing this, g got super stiff. g took control and ordered me into different positions so he could photograph my naked body.

he put me on my stomach and shot pics from behind. he got me carassing my large breasts. he got shots of his hard cock pressing against my wet opening. all of this was really driving us wild, so he took himself out of his boxers and entered my wet pussy.

g took total control and rocked my world. he fucked me hard while i laid on my back and enjoyed him filling me so deep. when he wanted my mouth, he jumped to my face and stuck his cock in my mouth and made my suck him while i masterbated to an intense orgasm. after i orgasmed, i had him lay on his back while i used my hand to jerk off his cock.

he partically lost all control of himself when i finally put him in my mouth and sucked on him until he let go and rewarded me with his sweet release of ectasy.

i can not wait to go to bed with him tonight.

G and I are looking forward to sharing our experiences and fantasies with all of you! We will be posting as much as possible.

Feel free to ask us questions, send us requests or message us for any other reason. :)